Kenosha Literacy Council’s diverse range of programs and classes cater to the unique needs and learning styles of adults seeking to improve their literacy skills. From personalized one-on-one tutoring to engaging small group classes, we offer numerous paths to learning. Each of our programs is designed as a stepping stone to open doors of opportunities, personal growth, and community engagement. Find the right fit for you and start your journey towards improved literacy today.

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Our tutoring programs offer a flexible learning environment for adults seeking to improve their literacy skills. Whether you’re struggling with reading, writing, or basic English language concepts, our skilled tutors are here to provide personalized assistance. Expect to work on targeted exercises, engage in constructive discussions, and receive feedback to aid your progress. These programs allow learners to develop their skills at their own pace and confidence, ultimately improving their ability to engage more effectively in everyday life. One-on-one tutoring available upon request.

Tutoring is held at the Council four days a week.  Students are matched with tutors and work on individualized education plans.

  • Monday, 4 pm. – 6 pm.
  • Tuesday, 1 pm. – 4 pm.
  • Thursday, 1 pm. – 4 pm.
  • Saturday, 10 am. – 12 pm.
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Citizenship Class

This 8-week course is designed to introduce you to the rights and responsibilities of an American citizen to help prepare you for the U.S. Citizenship Exam. You will also gain valuable interview skills, learn how to complete the citizenship application and get insights into the naturalization process.

Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes offer an interactive learning setting that fosters a sense of community among learners. From book clubs to art classes, there’s a wide array of activities catering to varied interests. Expect lively discussions, hands-on activities, and the opportunity to practice your literacy skills in a supportive, engaging environment. These classes aim to build not only literacy but also social skills, and empower students to communicate confidently in different contexts.

Kenosha Literacy Council ELL Civics Class 2023-2024

Immerse yourself in American culture through weekly classes covering a range of topics, like healthcare, schools, banking, government and more. Take your learning a step further taking part in field trips and hearing from guest speakers.

Conversation Class

Conversation Class gives students the opportunity to practice speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills.

Book Club

Join fellow book lovers as we delve into various genres, themes, and authors. This class encourages active reading and participation, with guided discussions to help you interpret and articulate your thoughts about the text.

Adventure Awaits

Embark on local expeditions that will help to strengthen your English language skills, emphasize the importance of teamwork and allow you to explore nature! This class is for the outgoing, outdoorsy learners who are looking to practice English while engaging in collaborative, community-based experiences. 

Community Connection

Learn more about our community by researching various non-profit organizations and presenting this service project to the class. Develop team-work, research and public speaking skills while gaining a better understanding about the organizations that make Kenosha special.

KLC Art Club

Explore the best art that Kenosha has to offer, from sculptures to paintings and everything in between! This class travels to various art exhibits and galleries around Kenosha, with meaningful discussions and conversations to follow. Art Club allows you to stimulate your creativity while practicing English dialogue.


This career-focused class enables you to feel confident going into the job application process. Develop interviewing skills, learn how to job search online and discover helpful tips in creating an eye-catching resume. This class will help job-seekers of all levels to feel prepared for any step of the job search process.

Women In Focus

Feel empowered as a woman and learn various household tasks, such as gardening, using power tools or making common repairs. This class will help you not only practice English dialogue with service professionals but also feel more confident in your ability to take care of yourself and your home.

Family Literacy Activites

Participate in various community-driven activities, such as nature walks or farm visits to practice English language skills at local businesses. Bring the whole family together for an evening of fun, learning and community involvement!

This virtual class option allows you to receive a KLC education from home. You can participate in our tutoring, conversation or ELL Civics classes in a virtual classroom format to keep up with your learning from wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

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