Meet KLC Learner Luciano Ojeda

Meet KLC Learner Luciano Ojeda
Hello, my name is Luciano. I am from Mexico. I left Mexico in 2006 to come to the United States. I worked in a factory in Mexico, and in Kenosha I found a job at Wendy’s. I have worked at Wendy’s for 4 years. I like working at Wendy’s. I like living in Kenosha. I have lived in Kenosha for 4 years. My studies in English are very, very important to me. When I came to the United States I did not know any English. A person at the church told me about English classes at the Kenosha Literacy Council. For 2 years I have studied at the Kenosha Literacy Council. I like the library for learning English. I’m in the Civics class. It is good for me to learn about the community. Ms. Cassie, the teacher of the civics class is teaching about hospitals, libraries, museums, and banking. I have another teacher, Ms. Kathy. Ms. Kathy teaches me English in class. Ms. Kathy is a nice teacher. My other teacher is Ms. Carrie. Ms. Carrie’s class is important because I am learning English to write a resume and apply for jobs. For me, it is important to learn English for communicating. After I learn English I want to study to be a plumber. Thank you KLC, for helping me learn English. The Kenosha Literacy Council is very good for me.

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