Meet KLC Learner Evelia Hernandez

Meet KLC Learner Evelia Hernandez
My name is Evelia. I am from Mexico City. I came almost 15 years ago. But I only started learning English 4 years ago. To me, it was easy to not learn English because everywhere people speak Spanish and make things too easy for us. But for me, it is important to learn English because I have 2 kids in school. I need to be involved I their education. So I want to learn English. When I started at the KLC my English was bad because I just knew some words that I learned from my daughter’s homework. When I started classes at the KLC I learned a lot, but I wanted to learn more so I could have a fluent conversation with anyone. So the KLC encouraged me to enroll in classes at Gateway too. I was not sure to take the classes because I was afraid of new things. But I’m really happy to have done it. I studied had and earned my G.E.D. Now I want to go to classes at Gateway Technical College for childcare. I am doing my best to reach my goal. I’m really grateful for the KLC for helping me and anyone who goes there. And also for the people who support literacy. Thank you.

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