Meet KLC Learner Bway Paw Win

Meet KLC Learner Bway Paw Win

Hello, my name is Bway Paw  Win.  I go to school at the Kenosha Literacy Council.  I want to learn reading, speaking and writing.  I have special tutors Linda and Lisa.  I go to civics class with Ms. Cassie.  We learn about things like the hospital and the bank.  I am happy because this year I speak better in class. Now I go to a conversation class too!

I am from Burma.  We had to leave Burma to live in a refugee camp in Thailand.  My family lived in the refugee camp for ten years before we came to America.  The camp was bad because many people couldn’t work.  The police were scary and took people to jail.  It was dangerous.  We lived in little houses made out of bamboo.  There was no money to buy food.  We ate rice everyday.  I felt very good about coming to America.  Here we can drive, we can work and we can go to school.  My husband has a good job here.

I am very happy that my family and I came to Kenosha.  I have 10 people in my family: my Mom, sisters, a brother-in-law, a nephew, my husband and my son.  I can go to school here.  The children can go to school.  They know very good English!  My son Hsa Mya goes to Stocker School.  He learns new things like colors, letters, numbers and how to read.  We are very happy our son loves school and is very smart!

My husband goes to work and goes to school to learn English.  I go to school to learn English and take care of our son.  I want to learn English so I can be independent.  I don’t want to always ask people to help me.  I don’t want to have an interpreter.  It is very hard to use an interpreter.  My husband and I want to buy our own house.  I want my son to go to college.  I want him to be anything he wants to be.  The Kenosha Literacy Council is helping me learn so my family can have a good future!

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