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Overall Board Responsibilities 
The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Kenosha Literacy Council with membership elected 
by the Board of Directors. The responsibilities of the Kenosha Literacy Council Board of Directors are as 
Set the Mission and the Vision of the Organization 
The Board is responsible for creating the organization's mission and purpose statements, and 
reviewing them periodically to be sure they fit well with the direction of the organization 's 
growth. The mission statement explains why the organization exists and who it serves; the vision 
articulates a picture of the future that the organization hopes to create. 
Create a Plan for the Organization 
The Board is also responsible for working with staff and volunteers to create a strategic plan for 
the growth of the organization, including resources, staffing, programs, and other aspects of 
organizational development. Once a plan is created, the Board should help make sure the 
organization carries it out. 
Determine Programs and Projects 
The Board should take a broad perspective on projects and programs, being sure that the work of 
the organization is consistent with its mission and vision. The staff and volunteers are responsible 
for carrying out the programs and the Board should support them but avoid micromanaging tasks 
and decisions. 
Support and Evaluate the Director 
The Board is also responsible for evaluating the performance of the organization's Executive 
Director. For this task, it is important to have clear goals and expectations for the position. 
Generally, the Executive Director is responsible for hiring, firing and evaluating all other staff. 
The Board should play a support role for the Executive Director as he or she carries out this task 
and the other work of the organization. 
Select the Director 
One of the Board's biggest responsibilities is to make changes in Executive Directors as necessary 
to ensure the best interest of the organization. The Board should come to consensus on a solid job 
description and clear expectations for the job, and then find the most qualified person for the 
Recruit, Train and Evaluate Board Members 
The Board is responsible for its own growth and development, finding committed individuals to 
serve on the Board, and making sure that the final Board composition is balanced and 
appropriate. Experienced Board members should take the lead in training and orientation for new 
members. The Board is also responsible for self-evaluation, to be sure it is adequately carrying 
out its leadership role. 
Build Strong Public Standing 
The Board serves as the public face of the organization. Board members should promote the 
mission, vision and programs of the organization, and represent the organization positively to LC Board Responsibilities
constituents, funding sources, local, state, and federal government representatives, the media, and 
the general public. 
Ensure Adequate Resources 
The Board is responsible for making sure that the organization has an adequate fund development 
plan to carry out its work. This includes assisting with fundraising, but can also include seeking 
in-kind donations of equipment, materials, office space, volunteer assistance, training, 
educational materials, and so on. 
Ensure Effective Resource Management 
At the same time, the Board should be sure that the organization is using its resources efficiently. 
The Board must help develop and approve the annual budget, and be sure that proper financial 
controls are in place. 
Maintain Integrity and Accountability 
The Board is ultimately responsible for being sure that the organization maintains legal and 
ethical practices. Creating clear and effective by-laws, staff policies, evaluation methods and 
grievance procedures all help ensure accountability. 
Individual Board Member Responsibilities 
The carry out these responsibilities, individual board members are expected to: 
1. Participate in KLC Tutor Training Orientation 
2. Attend full board and committee meetings. 
3. Prepare for meetings by reviewing board agenda and materials. 
4. Participate in Council activities. 
5. Participate and support Council fund development activities 

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